We’ve all heard of identity theft and know that it can be a real hassle to get your finances and credit cleared up if you are a victim. Many warnings are sent from multiple agencies including your bank, credit cards, and online accounts all set on protecting your privacy. They encourage changing passwords, staying off of public computers, and even enrolling in identity protection programs. What you may not have heard of is medical identity theft. What is the new kind of identity theft and how can you protect yourself and your patients/clients from it?

Medical identity theft is a quickly growing way to steal your identity and utilize it for medical treatments and prescription drugs. These thieves have also been known to submit bogus Medicare claims with the use of your personal information. Thieves can use your social security number, address phone number, and even insurance if they get their hands on your account to gain access to all things medical.

Protecting yourself from this fraud takes some caution and responsibility on your part. It is incredibly easy for thieves to get their hands on your information especially if you are leaving behind a pretty obvious paper trail. Be sure to carefully dispose of any documents with your personal information and keep close watch over your insurance statements and medical billings. If anything looks out of the ordinary at all contact your hospital and insurance company immediately.

To protect yourself completely it is always best to shred any documents that contain personal information. Even junk mail can pose a risk if it contains your name, address, phone number or any other personal information. Contact professional shredders at Shred With Us to discuss shredding options. We shred your documents following the strictest regulations. Our job is to keep your information secure and protect you from any kind of identity theft.

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