Top Ways to Secure Private Information Through
Shredding Services in Charlotte NC

IdentityGuideWhether business or personal, document destruction services in Charlotte, NC are a safety net for sensitive information. Just imagine all the documents in your business that contain personal information you wouldn’t want others to see. Medical records, tax records and financial information, client information are just a few examples. If you’re just throwing paperwork and personal information in the trash, you’re leaving yourself and your customers open to identity theft. Many experienced identity theft stealers will look for this information in trash bins.

Instead of potentially letting identity theft crooks steal the identity of your clients and employees, get protected. It is your responsibility.

Our secure shredding services in Charlotte, NC provides you with the support and safe destruction of documents that complies with the regulations within your industry.

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Is Your Business Shredding Secure Enough to Prevent Identity Theft?

If you are not sure, you could be liable to clients and employees if their identity is stolen. Shred With Us helps businesses with secure shredding services in Charlotte, North Carolina. Take the steps to secure your files and paperwork with an experienced shredding company who works with specialized businesses that require compliant shredding services in industries that regulate information destruction. Some of our clients include:

  • Medical Professionals and Health Care
  • Government Agency & Municipal
  • Financial Institution & Planning
  • Law Firms and Legal Services
  • Education Institutions
  • Retail Stores and outlets

Other business functions that will want to pay close attention to their private information are HR Documents and Payroll Records. Private information is often kept in these documents that could land in the wrong hands. It’s important that these materials are destroyed properly in compliance with regulations in the industry.

Even personal information is not exempt from identity theft stealers! Make sure your non-business related information is also secure and destroyed. The only difference is that the information that you are trying to protect is your own! Call us as we certainly want to make sure that your private information is kept private! Learn More now

If You Have Sensitive Documents, Shred With Us is Here to Serve You

Contact Shred With Us for compliant, secure shredding services in Charlotte. We are experienced and certified in industry standards for our shredding services. We’ve taken the steps to ensure your confidentiality and provide a Document of Destruction with our services. Call us at 888-297-4733 or fill out the form below.