Solutions for Retail Shredding: Keeping You in Full Compliance

Retail businesses are much the same as any other business in regards to the amount of documents and files they can accumulate over time. As documents and files begin to pile up, a natural reaction is to get rid of the bulk of them. However, if your retail store is doing so without following the proper rules and regulations, the results can be fines or worse. Shred With Us offers all retail stores simple and effective solutions for their document and file shredding needs.

We understand some documents and files contain sensitive information, especially if they have anything to do with your customers or your employees. With Shred With Us, all the necessary precautions are taken when shredding your retail store’s documents and files keeping you in compliance and any customer or employee information safe.

Are You Familiar with FACTA?

FACTA is an anagram for the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act. This Federal act took hold in 2003 and is designed to protect consumers. The protection that was addressed by this law was the protection of identity theft and consumer fraud largely brought on by the improper disposal of consumer information. In fact, for every record your retail store does not dispose of properly, a fine of $1000 to $2500 can be levied.

How Shred With Us Can Help

Shred With Us knows all the ins and outs of FACTA along with other regulations set forth and can successfully shred any amount of retail documents or files your retail store might have in a safe and compliant manner. We work with a variety of retail stores throughout the state of South Carolina and no matter what your retail document disposal needs are, we can help.

Advantages of Using Shred With Us

Shred With Us offers many benefits to retail store owners including:

  • Peace of mind knowing the shredding process is being handled in full compliance with FACTA and other regulations.
  • Increase in the amount of space available in your retail store.
  • Efficient and reliable shredding of your retail documents and files onsite or offsite.

Whichever way you decide to have your retail documents and files shredded, you can rest easy knowing the same precautions are always taken.

Keep Customer and Employee Information Safe and Maintain Your Good Name

Dealing with the many documents and files that build up over time is just part of running a successful retail business. However, you don’t have to attempt to rid yourself of unnecessary documents on your own nor do you have to take a chance with being out of compliance. Shred With Us can help you keep all the vital information of your customers and employees safe and help you maintain your retail store’s good name.

Contact Shred With Us for Columbia SC Secure Shredding Services for Retail Stores

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