Shredding Solutions for all Forms of Government Agencies

Every level of government has in common a nearly endless flow of documents containing information and data that is sensitive in nature and therefore needs to be protected. Thorough protection stretches all the way to the very end and even in destruction, government agencies must be sure they are shredding and destroying their unwanted data properly. Shred With Us offers complete shredding solutions for all levels of government.

Forms of Government We Serve

Shred With Us serves every level of government with convenient and compliant shredding services. We work with all levels of South Carolina government and municipalities, ensuring their interests, as well as the interests of the general public, are safeguarded at all times.

Advantages of Shred With Us

When your government agency works with us you can be assured of the following:

  • Full compliance at all times.
  • Protection of sensitive information.
  • Prevention of possible identity theft.
  • Secure shredding that is environmentally friendly.

Staying in Full Compliance

Because the information contained in government documents is so sensitive there are many rules and regulations in force for their disposal, including the Privacy Act of 1974. These rules and regulations vary for local and state levels of government.

Shred With Us keeps our government agency clients in full compliance at all times. We make it our mission not only to understand the current policies that are in place, but to learn and enforce new polices as they come out. This gives your agency complete confidence and total peace of mind.

Furthermore, Shred With Us works within the rules and regulations of the US General Services Administration, or the GSA. Shred With Us has been awarded a GSA pricing schedule, giving us the approved vendor status needed so we can work with you. This enables us to ensure proper pricing for your government shredding needs.

Fast and Reliable Shredding Solutions for Government Agencies

Shred With Us will work with your government agency however best meets your needs. We offer onsite and offsite shredding. With either method, our dedication to full compliance means your agency is fully protected.

Safeguarding the vital interests of your government agency as well as the interests of the general public is paramount and our highest priority. Let Shred With Us show you how we can serve your shredding and document destruction needs.

Contact Shred With Us for Compliant and Secure Government Document Shredding in Columbia SC

Shred With Us serves the government industry with secure document shredding services in the states of South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina. Call us at 888-297-4733 to receive a quote for the shredding services you need.