Need secure document destruction services for business or personal documents? Take proactive measures and protect sensitive information with Shred With Us’ secure shredding services in Georgia.

What Confidential Information Can I Shred?

Not sure what confidential information you can shred with us? Confidential information may include tax records, medical records, financial records, and clients’ data. If a company or individual disposes of those types of information into their trashcans, there is a chance someone can gain access to them. With the reports on people stealing other people’s identities and personal information, disposal of confidential information in the trashcan leaves you vulnerable to identity theft.

Georgia Shredding Company, Shred With Us’ Advantage

At Shred With Us, our Georgia shredding company offers an advantage for document shredding, media destruction and management services of records that provides clients with top-notch security. By attaining our services, you will gain a peace of mind and not worry about your information being stolen.

We Provide Mobile and On Site Shredding Services

Whether you need mobile or on site shredding services, we offer you complete confidence in our services, as the processes of paper shredding, scanning, and storage of documents are conducted with the highest levels of security protocols. Even during the collection of your disposed items, the container is locked and secured until it is dumped into the shred truck.

Fully Compliant Services

Our services are in full compliance with state and government regulatory standards in Georgia for passing inspections, as our services consistently exceed the requirements for secured disposal through ratings and reputable feedback of our clients.

Every employee that is employed by Shred With Us is fully and properly trained in the fields of securing documents and destructing media data that is no longer needed. The company is trusted through our certifications of proper bonding, licensing, and insurance. All employees are well versed in a vast array of information regulations with the abilities of assisting clients in performing a multitude of security audits for their office or workplace.

Come Shred With Us!

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