Whether you need business or personal, document destruction services in Columbia are a safety net for sensitive information. Just imagine all the documents that contain personal information you wouldn’t want others to see. Medical records, tax records and financial information are just a few examples. When you toss these documents into the trash bin, people that know exactly what they’re doing can easily access them: looking for information to steal identities.

When you shop at a store, work for a company or visit a medical facility, you expect that your information is kept confidential. That is why you should offer the same peace of mind for the people that have ties to your business; after all, it’s your duty to protect their information.

With Columbia secure document shredding offered by Shred With Us, you’re securely shredding the documents so that they are disposed of properly. We ensure you stay in compliance with the regulations presented by the state and federal requirements for secure document shredding in Columbia SC.

So why should you choose our Columbia document destruction services, which include onsite destruction, offsite destruction and innovative storage solutions?

– Our company is fully licensed and insured. Our employees are bonded and must undergo extensive background checks and drug testing.

– Our document destruction services in Columbia are environmentally friendly. They reduce water usage, greenhouse gas emissions and landfill waste.

– Our secure document destruction in Columbia SC is a minority owned company. Our women-based staff adds a personal touch to doing business, and may even qualify your company for grant money.

– We are fully committed to keeping sensitive documents protected. We stay in compliance with the latest regulations, which means your company will be in compliance too.

Whether you choose Columbia secure document shredding or keep your files in our offsite storage facility, Master Vault, you’re taking a proactive approach toward protecting the identities of the people who have ties with your affiliation. You expect the same for your identity, so why not provide the same safety net for employees, customers and vendors? For the best document destruction services in Columbia, Shred With Us is the answer.

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