Convenient Offsite Shredding With Guaranteed Compliance

Business owners who don’t want to be bothered with onsite shredding or who have a large volume of documents and files that need to be shredded will often opt for offsite shredding services. However, choosing to have all your unwanted documents and files shredded offsite does not exempt your business from having to follow certain laws and regulations. Shred With Us offers convenient and compliant offsite shredding options for nearly every business sector in the state of South Carolina.

Offsite Shredding Done According to Your Best Interests

No matter how you wish to go about your offsite shredding needs, Shred With Us can accommodate you. We offer bulk pickup and destruction for any number of documents and files. This makes it possible for you to get rid of many years’ worth of unwanted documents and files in one shot.

If you prefer, Shred With Us can also set up locked bins at your place of business and schedule routine pickups with you. This means that that the only items that get shredded are the items you place in the locked bins.

Either way, your documents and files will be treated with the same attention to detail with a sharp eye on compliance. Shred With Us takes all necessary precautions to guarantee that no sensitive information contained in the documents or files will be lost and that proper destruction will take place.

Compliant Offsite Shredding Backed With Proof

It is one thing to get rid of your unwanted documents and files and it is another thing to do so properly. Shred With Us adheres to all local, regional, and state laws that may apply to your particular business when shredding your documents. Additionally, we make certain that and Federal laws are followed so you stay in compliance at all times. Shred With Us is familiar with and covers:

  • The Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act of 2003, also known as FACTA.
  • The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, also known as HIPPA.
  • The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, also known as GLB.
  • The Privacy Act of 1974.
  • The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, also known as RCRA.
  • The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act , also known as FERPA.

When all your documents have been properly disposed of, we will supply you with proof. Shred With Us will give you with a certificate of destruction document which will show that your business took the appropriate measures to destroy all unwanted documents and files.

Shredding Done Right – For You and the Environment

Shred With Us is a company that not only cares about your business, but also the environment. All documents and files that are shredded with us are recycled regardless of the amount. So your unwanted documents and files will not only be destroyed, but they will go on to benefit the environment as well.

Contact Shred With Us for Offsite Shredding Services in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia

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