What is Electronic Media?

Electronic Media is defined as any electronically generated storage that is used to record information, including, but not limited to hard disks, magnetic tapes, compact disks, video tapes, audio tapes, and removable storage such as floppy and zip disks.

Electronic Media Destruction Process

Electronic Media such as Hard Drives, Cassette & Cartridge Tapes, DVDs, CDS, Zip Drives, Floppy Disks, Reel Film & other electronic media that you need destructed will be transported to our secure destruction storage facility.  The transportation will be handled by our professional staff in which the Eagle Eye technology will insure that the transportation is completely safe and compliant at all times.

Best disposal solution for Electronic media

Degaussing and overwriting may not lead to totally secure results when trying to remove confidential information from electronic media. Total destruction by shredding is the only sure way to ensure that for the secure disposal of electronic media.

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