Shred With Us is proud to work with specialized industries throughout North Carolina. Our North Carolina shredding services provides document destruction to industries that have large quantities of stored client or personal data. Many of our clients are extremely regulated and subjected to strict document destruction laws.

Here’s an example of industries we help in:

  • Medical Professionals and Health Care
  • Government Agency & Municipal
  • Financial Institution & Planning
  • Law Firms and Legal Services
  • Education Institutions
  • Retail Stores and Outlets
  • Human Resource and Payroll

We destroy extremely confidential information compliantly to match regulations in your industry.

Personal, non-business related document destruction is just as important to our North Carolina shredding company. The only difference is that the information you are trying to protect is your own! Call us to make sure that your private information is kept private!

As your shredding company, we help your business in a number of ways. Some include:

  • Protect your intellectual property
  • Reduce your legal liability
  • Help you meet regulatory compliance
  • Keep your Public Relations image clean to avoid any unnecessary media coverage about confidentiality leaks
  • Protect your privacy of your personnel
  • Ensure your financial soundness with our secure shredding services
  • Help you provide client safety and confidentiality

Contact Our North Carolina Shredding Company to Schedule

One phone call or email to us is all it takes to schedule a container drop-off or onsite document shredding appointment.

We do all the work for you in just a few minutes. Just place old documents into the secure container provided.

Your important documents are never touched. Our technicians take your container directly to our truck where it is shredded. We are insured and bonded.

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Don’t waste your valuable time with mundane shredding tasks! When you need affordable, on-time, and trustworthy document shredding, call Shred With Us at 888-297-4733 for our North Carolina shredding services. Our fleet of modern, fuel efficient, mobile shredding trucks make short work of all your shredding needs.

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