Protecting Personal Information With Document
Shredding Business Guide

IdentityGuideWhether you need business or personal, document destruction services in Atlanta, GA are a safety net for sensitive information. Just imagine all the documents in your business that contains personal information you wouldn’t want others to see. Medical records, tax records and financial information, client information are just a few examples. When documents are thrown into trash bins, people called “dumpster divers” can retrieve the information they need to steal identities.

It is your duty to protect the information of your clients and employees. They expect it.

Shred With Us provides secure document shredding services to dispose of documents properly. With our Document of Destruction and membership to several esteemed organizations for the best practices in shredding, you can feel secure with our services. We help you stay in fulfillment with the regulations issued by state and federal for secure document shredding in Atlanta GA.

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Secure Business Shredding Solutions for Documents and Files

Shred With Us serves the Atlanta, Georgia area, working with a variety of specialized industries. The clients we work with have large quantities of personal data storage. Many of the industries we work with require document destruction that meets extreme regulations. There are specific laws that surround the file destruction.

Many of our clients include:

  • Medical Professionals & Health Care
  • Government & Municipal
  • Financial Agencies & Planning
  • Legal Services
  • Law Firms
  • Education Institutions
  • Retail Stores

We recommend the HR Documents and Payroll Records business departments also seek private information document destruction. These types of records include information that is extremely private and requires secure destruction as quickly as possible.

Personal, document destruction that is non-business related, is equally as important as any of the above. Even your own personal information needs protection! Call us, as we certainly want to make sure that your private information is kept private!

If You Require Secure Shredding services in Atlanta, GA, Shred With Us is Here to Serve You

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Shred With Us looks forward to serving your business with secure shredding services in Georgia. We serve the state in and around the Atlanta area. Our shredding company provides compliant, secure services. Contact us at 888-297-4733 or use the contact form below.