Shredding Solutions for all Levels of Education

Education equals paperwork. Some of this paperwork contains sensitive information. If it falls into the wrong hands, disaster will follow. Shred With Us offers both onsite and offsite shredding solutions for educational institutions of all levels.

Hardly the safe haven they appear to be, a school can be an identity thief’s paradise. School records contain volumes of information about people – and identity thieves know exactly how to access and use that information to cause serious damage to the lives of those they victimize. Improper disposal of educational records is a disaster waiting to happen.

Types of Educational Institutions that Can Benefit from Shredding

Shred With Us can help all types of educational organizations properly dispose of any documents and files that are no longer needed. Pre-schools, public schools, private schools, colleges, universities, and even trade schools can all benefit from using our services. Shred With Us currently works with a number of educational institutions in the state of South Carolina and we can offer your educational institution the highest level of safety in the disposal of all your unwanted documentation.

Some of the many benefits shredding can provide your educational institution with include:

  • Keeping vital and sensitive information away from identity thieves.
  • Keeping finished work out of the hands of cheaters who might otherwise plagiarize.
  • Saving space that might otherwise be used to store unnecessary documents and files.
  • Secure shredding of unwanted documents in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • Stay in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, or FERPA, which protects student education records.

Protect Student’s Interests and Safeguard Your Integrity

Many times it is not the educational institution that improperly disposes of documents and other files, but the students themselves. This is frequently a problem in many colleges and universities as students do not necessarily think to dispose of such documents and files in a manner that keeps the information from being compromised.

A simple solution is to have onsite shredding services for different departments of your educational institution to allow both staff and students to properly dispose of documents and files. This will protect your students while safeguarding the integrity of your educational institution.

Shredding Solutions the Way You Want Them

Shred With Us will work with you to properly dispose of documents and files the way that works best for your educational institution. You can choose to use our services onsite or have us do it for you offsite. Either way, you can rest assured that the job will be done cost-effectively and in compliance with all established safeguards. Shred With Us can remove all the work and liability your educational institution currently has regarding proper document disposal..

Contact Shred With Us for Columbia SC Secure Shredding Services for Educational Institutions

Let Shred With Us handle all of your secure shredding service needs for your educational institution. We are fully compliant with the rules and regulations needed for a secure shredding process. We offer mobile, on-site shredding services and drop-off. We can accommodate any sized institutional needs.

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