Document and File Shredding Solutions for all Types of Businesses

Shred With Us is proud to take the necessary steps to work with some specialized industries. These business types always have large quantities of personal data stored and is indeed of document destruction. These industries are also extremely regulated and therefore fall subject to strict laws surrounding the destruction of their files.

  • Medical Professionals and Health Care Document Destruction
  • Government Agency & Municipal Document Destruction
  • Financial Institution & Planning Document Destruction
  • Law Firms and Legal Services Document Destruction
  • Education Institutions Document Destruction
  • Retail Stores and outlets Document Destruction

Other business functions that will want to pay close attention to their private information is HR Documents and Payroll Records. These type of records contain extremely private information and should be destroyed in a compliant manner as soon as possible. Learn More now

Personal, non-business related document destruction is just as important as any of the above. The only difference is that the information that you are trying to protect is your own! Call us as we certainly want to make sure that your private information is kept private! Learn More now

If You Have Sensitive Documents, Shred With Us is Here to Serve You

Shred with Us customers are varied and cover a wide-range of industries, from medical and financial to government and retail and all businesses in between. Our customers have two things in common:

  1. They possess business records and documents.
  2. They desire security and compliance for these records and documents.

Today’s business world doesn’t allow for disorganization and non-compliance—no matter what the excuse—which is why Shred with Us is pleased to be able to come up beside businesses and organizations and implement the right shredding and records management program to meet their unique needs.

As experts in shredding and records management, we can provide clarity and full-compliance regarding all local, state, federal and industry-specific regulations. We take mountains of paperwork or disorganized digital files and create a streamlined system designed to protect your business and optimize day-to-day operations. It’s all about strengthening your business from the inside out.

Shred with Us is ready to go to work for your business. Contact us to learn more about the document shredding and records management services  available to safeguard and grow your business.

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Shred With Us services industries in South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina with paper shredding services. Our services are reliable and compliant. Contact us at 888-297-4733 for more information on how to get started.