secure document shredding serviceThe Shred With Us Executive Console has a clean design that is perfect for any home or business office.  When we service your on-site location, our driver will bring a 96-gallon bin to your location and empty the contents from the console’s bag into the bin.  The paper in the 96-gallon bin is then taken to the mobile shredding truck where the documents are emptied into the shredding chamber.


  • Self closing lock – provides added security as the door locks automatically
  • Tamper proof lock guard
  • Anti phishing paper deflector


  • No more bending over; ergonomic insert can be pulled straight out of console without the need to squat
  • Easier to handle then traditional console bag with an even balanced grip
  • Lip rests on cart when emptying contents
  • Neutral posture during handling movement
  • Lightweight design allows for easy deployment and removal

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Shred With Us provides Executive Consoles for home or business bulk shredding in Columbia, SC. Our convenient on site mobile shredding services will securely destroy your documents and give you a Certificate of Destruction. Contact us today at our South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina centers and let us know how we can help you.