Most companies don’t consider using an off-site document shredding company as their first choice for a shredding service. More often than not they go with an on-site document shredding service as an automatic choice to handle their sensitive documents and bulk shredding needs, but often they don’t realize that the space to archive all of the physical copies of every single document in their office simply may not be there. The task of cataloging and archiving all of these documents is extremely tedious and time-consuming. The responsibility of this task likely fall’s on everyone’s shoulders, thus leading to oversights, mistakes, and general lack of organization. If you use on-site document shredding and storage you probably also have plenty of bulky filing cabinets and storage systems taking up space in your office and mucking up the works. It’s probably in your best interest to consider using an off-site document shredding company as a shred service. Off-site shredding and storage frees up space in your office and offers a more organized, affordable, and effective solution to your document shredding needs. Here are some of the benefits to taking your document shredding off-site.

  1. Off-site document shredding doesn’t use up any of your precious office space. When older documents and files are ready to be disposed of, they are placed into a locked bin and scheduled for routine pickup. This frees up clutter and keeps sensitive information secure from theft.
  2. Using an off-site document shredding company is extremely cost-effective. You save precious time and money on shredding equipment and the added labor of filing old documents with sensitive information.
  3. The greatest benefit of using off-site shredding services are the added security benefits provided by a secure, professional document shredding company. Both employees and outside intruders can get their hands on sensitive information regarding your company and its clients. A privacy threat can both ruin your company and bury you in fines if the information falls into the wrong hands. Shred With Us offer a safe, secure document shredding service in complete compliance with local and Federal laws regarding compliant document shredding.
  4. Off-site document shredding companies also take all the necessary precautions to guarantee that sensitive information contained within the documents or files will be properly destroyed and no one will infringe upon your privacy.
  5. Once your sensitive information has been destroyed, Shred With Us will provide proof that it has been properly disposed of in compliance with all Federal laws regarding document destruction and information privacy.

Shred With Us serves the South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia areas with compliant offsite shredding services. Contact us today at 888-297- 4733 to find out more information and begin your services today.

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