Avoid a Data Breach With Secure Shredding

Data breaches are expensive. And unwelcome. And frustrating. Recent reports from the Ponemon Institute predict that an average security break costs 7.2 million dollars. Basically, you want to do everything in your power to avoid them. That entails compliance with all privacy laws and regulations regarding documents, …Read more

How Document Management Varies in Each Industry

Document management is important in a variety of industries, but what it provides and protects certainly differs from industry to industry. Indisputably, the most prevalent industries germane to document management include: medical, legal, academic and more. That is because these industries all deal with sensitive records and …Read more

3 Reasons to Use Document Storage Before Shredding

Privacy and keeping secure documents safe are top priority for any business or organization that keeps records containing names, address, account numbers and other personal information. Some laws and regulations require storing documents for extended amounts of time before destroying and shredding. So why choose a document …Read more

Protect Your Documents for Phishing Scams

A new wave of secure document theft has been hitting both private businesses and government offices. Phishers, or online criminals, seeking out usernames, addresses, and other private info have figured out how to use emails that use actual email addresses to obtain control of online records and …Read more

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