Shred With Us was founded to provide government and business entities the highest level of information protection possible. We work with very high-level entities, all of which have a very high priority on keeping information safeguarded. Breaches in classified information can result in identity theft, monetary loss, and the loss of careers. We take information protection to the next level; Shred With Us has invested over a quarter of a million dollars per vehicle in the latest technology to assure every client that confidential information stays confidential. A breach in security is not an option for all of our clients. Here are just a few of the entities that contract with us.

The Federal Reserve Bank

The Federal Reserve System is the central bank of the United States. Created by President Woodrow Wilson on December 23, 1913 as part of the Federal Reserve Act, the Federal Reserve is responsible for conducting the nation’s policy on money and credit conditions to ensure employment and stable prices on a national level. ‘The Fed’ is also responsible for regulating banks and the entire financial system as a whole; as such, the Federal Reserve has sensitive information regarding our entire nation’s financial system, including economic forecasts, bank information, and the identity of millions of people.

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The United States Secret Service

The Secret Service and their agents protect visiting heads of state, US presidents, vice presidents, their families, and other high-profile government officials. These agents also investigate crimes and matters that affect the federal government such as fraud (financial and technological), money laundering, hacking attempts into government systems, and other crimes against the federal government. The secret service has gained worldwide recognition for their effectiveness as one of the United States’ most elite law enforcement branches. Documents that are handled by this branch are incredibly sensitive by nature; we make sure to leave no trace of any of the information detailed within their pages.

Department of Defense

The DoD is responsible for ensuring national security and supervising the United States Military. As an executive branch of the United States federal government, they protect and gather extremely vital and confidential information regarding the Pentagon, national security, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and all branches of the United States military. Through the efforts of the Department of Defense, the United States has built a solid foundation for national policy and protection. The DoD is also responsible for the Army’s Corps of Engineers, which provides a variety of civil functions such as improving harbors, rivers, and waterways and constructing flood control barriers and other useful structures. It’s a no-brainer that this branch needs to keep its documents under wraps.

Mobile Document Shredding

We offer mobile shredding services in Atlanta, Columbia, Charlotte, and Charleston. We operate throughout Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. As information confidentiality specialists, we are committed to the safe and secure destruction of information and classified documents for all of our clients. We serve multiple government agencies, schools, hospitals, and other institutions that require a high degree of information protection. To learn more about our service, visit our about page or call us at (888) 297-4733.

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