The hazards of leaked confidential documents can create a world of trouble. Not only are you at the risk for multiple fines and legal penalties, a breach in security will cause a loss of trust in your clients and hurt your reputation. Once you’ve lost someone’s trust, it can be difficult – if not impossible – to regain that valuable element. Trust and reputation is everything in the professional world, so safeguarding documents that contain your client’s confidential information should be a priority.

Shred With Us offers on-site, mobile shredding services in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia, so there really is no excuse when it comes to secure document destruction! Here are some of the top reasons for using a secure shredding service:

  1. Reliability

Destruction of confidential information is our job. It’s what we do. Some of our clients deal with an enormous amount of highly-sensitive information; just ask the U.S. Secret Service, the Department of Defense, the U.S. Department of Justice, or the Federal Reserve Bank about the work we’ve done. Asking an employee to shred your documents might be a recipe for disaster; if they decide to cut corners, or not realize the importance of document destruction, a security breach may well be within your company’s future. Don’t cut corners when it comes to document destruction. Hire a professional company that knows what they’re doing.

  1. Verifiability

Any reputable shredding services company will provide a document of destruction, which verifies the destruction of sensitive information. These documents are valuable tools in the event of legal matters; if a client believes that their case of identity theft came from a hypothetical mishandling of information on your company’s behalf, the certificate of destruction will put that case to rest.

  1. Speed

We shred thousands of documents in the time it takes an office shredder to shred hundreds. There’s no need to remove paper clips, staples, or other foreign objects from the stacks of paper you hand us; we provide a fast, reliable, and secure service every time. Speed also saves a company money in terms of labor costs; many government facilities, educational institutions, and healthcare providers use their own time to oversee the destruction of confidential information. The time spent for the storage, removal, and disposal of these sensitive documents adds up over time. Think about how much time your company can save if you place those efforts into the hands of professionals.

  1. Protection

When you work with a certified shredding company, you buy guaranteed protection from identity theft and possible business theft. Thieves aren’t the only individuals you need to look out for; competing businesses often steal information from other companies to gain an edge or insight into their way of doing things.

Mobile Shredding Services in Georgia

If you need mobile shredding services in Georgia, North Carolina, or South Carolina, Shred With us is your #1 on-site or off-site shredding service. We bring our shredding services to every type of industry, including law firms, human resource, retail stores, educational institutions, legal services, financial institutions, and government, agency, and municipal services.

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