Think just for a moment how many different electronics there are out there. Now think about how much personal information is just left on them when they are disposed of. This type of behavior makes it unsurprising just how much data theft occurs due to thrown away hard drives. If you are upgrading your office here are a few things to consider to protect yourself and your clients.

Wipe Hard Drives

Just erasing data yourself is not enough. A smart cyber hacker can retrieve deleted information much more easily than you would expect. Our team knows how to dispose of hard drives and discs so that you can rest assured of the confidentiality of your customers and clients.

Right To Privacy

It is important that privacy is respected. This has become a lot harder in today’s interconnected world. When clients see that you take their information and privacy seriously, they will be more inclined to recommend your business to others.

Cleaning Out Your Office

It can be easy to get too many old electronics and files in a business space. With the high cost of rent, why take up valuable space for records that your rarely need? If you are feeling cramped in your space then perhaps it is time to get rid of paper and electronic clutter with our commercial shredding and document archiving systems.

Purging Is Easy

At Shred With Us, we are the best at helping businesses become more organized and successful. We can come to your office and shred large amounts of files onsite. We can also scan and create digital images of your documents with ease. If you prefer to scan your own files we can take care of the paper waste left over from that.

Let Us Take On Some Of Your Work Load

Having some extra help can give your business an advantage. If you are worried about client information security, then call us and let us know your concerns. We can help you implement a suitable document storage and document destruction system. Converting offices from paper to digital format is an area we excel at.

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