Did you know that your trusted shredding company also offers document storage and archiving solutions as well? At Shred With Us we have a lot of different options for your company. From digital archiving and physical document storage, we can take care of all your needs safely and securely.

Document Storage Is Crucial

Having a system for storing your important documents is critical to the security and well-being of your customers and their information. Regardless of how a breach of information occurs, it is often blamed on the business itself. This infraction can permanently cost you the trust of your clients and those they tell about the incident.

Organization Helps Your Business Excel

When you have your document storage needs in order, you can more easily maintain focus and control of your business. Looking for a specific document that is only in paper form can be stressful. It is far too easy for documents to be misfiled. Digitizing your documents makes them searchable and allows for easy retrieval that saves time and money overall.

Document Management Software That Is Simple

Master Vault offers easy access to your files and documents anywhere you have an internet connection. This easy to use system is perfect for companies that have a lot of people working out in the field or that want to expand their business more.

Archive And Shred With One Company

If you want to save space and get away from paper files entirely, Shred With Us would be happy to discuss a total document solution for your company. We can scan, digitally archive, and then shred documents, so you have a quick virtual office file system that is easy to use. You will no longer have to waste time looking for a document when you need it the most.

Originals Matter At Times

While we encourage digital archiving it is also important to keep originals of some documents. We can help you determine what should be filed in paper and digital format. Contact our team at any time for the best customer service and document storage solutions.

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