When people think of services that a shredding company may offer, they inevitably think about paper. But there are some other objects that carry data that you may need to destroy. Namely, a hard drive. But how do you go about destroying a hard drive? Can you shred a hard drive? Well, not only can you- you should.

According to the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), there are about 40% of devices and hard drives that have not been wiped clean enough to keep data secure. Furthermore, that information is easy enough for the average high school student to retrieve. If you haven’t already been shredding your hard drives, you need to be doing so. Shred With Us is NAID certified and can properly shred your hard drives. So, what is the right way to shred a hard drive?

Well, what you’re going to need to do, no matter how thorough the data wiping program or company you choose, is to render the drive platters unspinnable. There are a bunch of methods that people employ to do this, and some of them are very dangerous. This highlights the importance of having a professional involved when trying to wipe the data from a hard drive. There are various methods suggested online, including burning the disk (very bad idea- as there will be a lot of toxic chemicals from the hard drive released when this is done), soaking the drive in diluted hydrochloric or muriatic acid (this may work, but will also give you access to some pretty toxic fumes in the meantime) and brute-force methods like pounding nails through it or whacking the heck out of it with a sledge or a hammer (these methods have the least exposure to toxicity but also can go poorly and should ideally be handled by a professional).

Now you can understand that properly destroying a hard drive can be tricky, dangerous business. Not to mention there are regulations about dumping electronics in landfills, and you may not be familiar with the do’s and don’ts of hard drive disposal. There is a better and more secure way when you send your hard drives to our facilities. Shred With Us can also give you a certificate to show all regulations were met when shredding your devices.

Let Shred With Us handle all of your hard drive destruction needs. Why stress yourself out or put the task of hard drive destruction to a small-time vendor you may not fully trust? Leave your old hard drives to the fully secure destruction experts at Shred With Us.

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