Document storage is a major deal for any business. There are a lot of factors to consider when designing a plan that is right. Shred With Us is here to help you sort through these factors and become more organized.

Compliance Rules

 One of the most crucial concerns for many businesses is meeting compliance standards set by that particular industry or government agency. Businesses that don’t stay in compliance can find themselves in a lot of trouble and face hefty fines for each infraction. You never want to be on this side of the fence. Shred With Us can prevent this from ever happening to you.

 Paper Document Storage

Some documents may need to have a physical copy in existence. The good news is that you can securely store these documents off site using the Shred With Us Master Vault system. We can also set it up so that you have secure online access to documents and records as well.

Knowing When to Shred

While many businesses often had the best intentions when saving all their documents, the truth is that if records are very old or not ever used; you may be better off just shredding them. Old client information, accounts, etc can just lead to clutter and possibly a greater chance of information going where it shouldn’t.

Shredding Solutions

While you may be in need of a one-time major purge of records, there are probably going to be more documents down the road that are sensitive in nature. Shred With Us can provide bins of all sizes to collect documents for shredding and compliance approved disposal. You can drop it off, or we can pick it up depending on your needs at the time. This can avoid any future data breaches and make sure records don’t pile up around your office.

Employee Training

One thing that some forget is that if you are making any drastic changes to the way documents are stored or handled then everyone needs to be on the same page. This means training current and future employees to the new system. Sending out a group email is not going to be enough; you want to make sure that everyone is doing what they are supposed to do. The extra investment in training is well worth it because your business will run better with greater organization.

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