With so much in the news about data breaches, it may seem that security is hard to achieve no matter what you try to do. The truth of the matter is that with a good document archiving and destruction plan you can protect your client and business records easily.

Off Site Shredding Convenience

Shred With Us offers walk in shredding services at very economical prices. We can also provide you with bins that you and employees can place documents in which need to be destroyed. These bins are available in a range of sizes, so we are sure to have one that is suitable for your business. These containers can only be accessed by one of our trusted and well-trained team members.

When you are through with a container, simply drop it off or for added convenience give us a call, and we will come pick it up, shred it, recycle the waste, and even provide a certificate of destruction for your records and to meet any compliance needs you have.

More Secure than Office Shredding

When you just have an office shredder that everyone shares, there is no guarantee that information will not be leaked from your records. When you choose an off-site shredding service,  fewer people have any chance at gaining access to classified documents. This is especially true if you have employees drop docs into one of our handy bins for pick up.

Fast Yet Secure

If you have records setting around your business, the longer they just set there the more likely it is that someone will gain access to the information within. Shred With Us can pick up all your documents and even assist with digital archiving so you can search for specific words or information instead of having to look at a lot of paper. Confidentiality is something that is guaranteed at our business everyday!

Experience and Professionalism Count

Our employees take privacy and security more seriously than the average person. At Shred With Us, we guarantee the most private and secure service in the industry today.

Alternative Shredding

If you don’t like the idea of off-site shredding, then you can always consider one of our mobile shredders. We can come to your business and shred on site. Our mobile shredders can take care of large jobs in record breaking time.

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