Paper shredding and document destruction are services you don’t realize you need until they are desperately required. Whether you realize it or not, almost every organization needs some kind of protocols for disposal if they are dealing with the information of other people. Let’s take a look at 3 particular industries that have great need for paper shredding services.

1 – Shredding Services For Schools

This one is a no-brainer. Schools deal with a tremendous administrative burden. The size of the student body for a high school, for example, can be anywhere from 800-2500 students. Even on the low end, 800 students is a lot to keep track of in terms of paperwork. Consider that all of them have files which house all of their sensitive information such as DOB, social security numbers, and contact information and email addresses for guardians as well.

Information theft is not relegated to the most sensitive bits of information, it’s about protecting all of your information because bits and pieces of it can be put together to get a clearer picture for identity theft. It’s much simpler than that, though. There are information privacy protocols such as the FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) that protect the sensitive information of students. Because of privacy acts such as this, any information that must be disposed of should be done so through a reliable document destruction company.

2 – Medical Offices, Businesses, or Clinics

HIPAA compliance has become a very hot buzzword in this industry. There are numerous instances of fraud happening in the medical industry due to the sheer amount of personal information and paperwork involved with medical care and administration. As the transition from paper to digital hastened, you can imagine there was much less care for the physical documents that were left behind. This is just one of many reasons why HIPAA compliance was a necessary enforcement for medical companies that wished to stay in business.

The medical industry has seen a significant overhaul in processing methods for paperwork. It has largely gone online towards using Electronic Health Records to manage patient files and associated data. While many efforts have gone towards keeping digital information safe, it’s important to remember that a great deal of paperwork is still in usage and being archived.

3 – Government Document Destruction

Unsurprisingly, the government requires significant document destruction services. Any branch of the government you can think of there is a large volume of documents that need shredding. The government, more than any company or body, has a need to both acquire information through paperwork as well as get rid of it as per the numerous labyrinthian laws that are particular to the government.

Having an extremely trustworthy company to dispose of these documents is paramount to following information security protocols and maintaining state and national security. We are happy to say Shred With Us has worked with the government for their document destruction needs.

Document Destruction Company South Carolina

Shred With Us is a South Carolina based paper shredding company that offers it’s services to numerous industries. We are well known for being highly compliant with local, federal, and state laws that dictate how documents should be disposed and which documents need to be disposed.

Having a shredding company that is well versed in all aspects of laws regarding proper document disposal can be a huge relief—especially when so many companies are coming under fire for data breaches.

Contact Shred With Us today to start shredding today!

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