We see data breaches all around us on a daily basis. It seems like every day there has been a breach of secure data involving thousands of people whether it be passwords or credit card information. A large company allowing private information to be stolen is an extremely difficult setback to recover from but just as bad is when it is a school whose data has been breached. The potential for thousands of students information to be stolen is a possibility when secure documents and hard drives are disposed of incorrectly. Schools fully understand the responsibility of keep students physical well-being and safety a top priority, but what about keeping their personal data secure, not mention that of their employees? Shred With Us offers services to schools to help with keep private information private.

1. Old Records Are High Risk. Former students information should be shredded since they are now adults with bank accounts, credit cards, and other financial information that could be stolen by identity thieves. Identity theft can be devastating and costly to a person’s financial situation. Former students records need as much protection as current students.

2. Outdated hard drives may still contain sensitive information. Schools keep records of everything including social security numbers and health information. Simply ‘cleaning off’ a hard drive is not enough to eliminate this private data. Having old hard drives professionally cleaned gets rid of any secure data preventing it from being stolen once electronics have been thrown out.

3. Employees need protected too. Schools are in possession of employee private information as well including bank accounts. Many schools participate in direct deposit meaning records of former employees need to be properly shredded and disposed of.

At Shred With Us we take paper shredding and electronics shredding seriously. Understanding how important it is to protect private data is our expertise. If your school system has been trying to discard of secure data on its own, contact us for more information about our regular services.

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