Wrestling with the decision of whether to outsource  your document disposal/destruction needs or take care of it in-house? Here are some signs that it’s time to call information security specialists in for help.

  1. Your staff spends more time shredding than building the business. Shredding takes time – time away from customers, patients, students, and other important stakeholders. Your key people are better utilized helping to run, and grow, your organization instead of feeding sheet after sheeting into a machine.
  2. You’ve run out of storage room for old documents and records. Obsolete documents quickly become a burden. You must find places to store them, and for many, this impedes on precious real estate that could be better used for workspace, services, or inventory. Whether you opt for regular data disposal or as-needed purges, you can free up invaluable space.
  3. You want to save money. You can cut labor costs by entrusting this task to professional contractors and better leverage your space. Further, you reduce security needs by getting sensitive documents off-site – and then eliminated completely. Consider, too, the cost of data breaches. Even one incident can cost thousands of dollars – as well as irreparable damage to your reputation.
  4. You’re concerned about data privacy. The people you serve through your organization deserve the highest level of security when it comes to their information. Again, your reputation is on the line. When data falls into the wrong hands, it can become a weapon wielded against the very people you are trying to help: your customers, clients, patients, students, and employees.
  5. You’re worried about legal compliance. Healthcare professionals need to comply with HIPPA regulations; schools with FERPA. No matter what your field, there are likely very stringent laws designed to protect your stakeholders. Non-compliance can lead to heavy fines.

Is it time to outsource your data destruction needs?

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