Qualified document/data destruction specialists work diligently to ensure your information is secure at all steps of the process. Built-in safeguards enable customers to follow the law and to dispose of documents, records, and electronic media effectively.

Here’s how they ensure your data is handled in a professional manner:

  • Extensive Background Checks. When companies are NAID AAA Certified, it indicates that their technicians have undergone an extensive three-level background check. No one who has a criminal record is allowed to handle confidential documents. Further, Shred With Us requires every driver to submit to a background and fingerprint check conducted by the County Sheriff’s Department. Thorough training and drug testing ensures they will handle your documents carefully.
  • “Cradle to Grave” Surveillance. Trust – and verify. We trust our employees; to provide another layer of reassurance for customers, we employ high-quality surveillance cameras for a start-to-finish view of the process. Your documents are filmed from the time they enter our custody to the time they are destroyed.
  • Locked Containers. Shred With Us provides lockable containers for customers. This provides a secure repository for confidential and sensitive documents until our drivers pick them up for transport to our shredding facility.
  • Secure Mode. Standard shredding mode can process up to 6500 pounds per hour. High security mode processes 2500 pounds per hour and creates a very small shred size. This is ideal for medical documents, student records, financial information, and other highly sensitive data.
  • Proof. Whether required by law or by your own internal processes, your key staff can witness the destruction. This is made more convenient through GPS monitoring with CCTV. You can watch on board video to ensure the job is being done correctly. Whether or not you choose to watch, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction.

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