It may be accidental, but if you aren’t carefully monitoring what goes on within your office space, it is highly likely your secrets are being leaked. Whether you are an ad agency or a software company, it is vital that your next big thing be kept confidential so the competition doesn’t get the edge. Don’t let leaked information be the downfall of your company. Take a look at the top 5 ways information is being leaked and consider what can be done to stop this from happening.

  1. Reassembled Strips of Paper. By far the most deliberate way to take secure and private data. If you have in house shredders the fact is that the strips made from these shreddings are probably large enough to easily put back together making information easy to acquire.
  2. Documents left open on desktops. Carelessly moving away from your computer even briefly, can be putting secure information into the wrong hands. Documents with sensitive information can easily be accessed placing you and your clients at risk for data theft.
  3. Documents thrown out with trash. Even if documents are old enough to be thrown away just tossing them into the dumpster is a dangerous way to discard of them. According to laws garbage is public domain and any sensitive and private information thrown away can rightfully be taken and abused.
  4. Non-compliance with regulations. There are multiple regulations for various kinds of practices such as HIPAA regulations for medical records and FACTA regulations for financial and credit forms. Without proper compliance to these regulations private and personal information can be leaked to those who specialize in identity theft.
  5. Improperly reset old electronics. When electronics are thrown out they become an easy way to steal information from your company. If they have not been shredded by professionals like Shred With Us there could still be secure information located in the hard drive.

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