If you have been seeking shredding services in Columbia, SC, or shredding services in Charlotte, NC you may have come across the term “mobile shredding.” But what exactly does “mobile shredding” mean? Well, mobile shredding, also known as on-site shredding, entails utilizing shredding professionals to remove any confidential records and documents and then hauling them to be destroyed. This process is great because it won’t interrupt any business operations. As well, it leaves the bulk of the shredding work to the shredding professionals- in most cases, you won’t even have to remove any paper clips, binders, staples or rubber bands. Simply give the sensitive documents to the shredding professionals, and voila, they are out of your hair! When you select the right documents shredding company, you can rest assured that they will tend to your mobile shredding services with care and allegiance to any regulations, such as FACTA or HIPPA.

Trust Shredding Professionals With Mobile Shredding

Another great advantage to mobile shredding is the documentation of each step. The chain of custody is documented during each phase of destruction, beginning with the process of disposing of important and sensitive files and documents. First, shredding consoles will be placed in your office, which allows confidential documents to be securely discarded. Whole files can be dropped into these shredding consoles without the hassle of removing staples, paper clips and sticky notes. Your containers will remain locked until they are collected for destruction, reducing your company’s risk, which is a great benefit of mobile shredding. 

Mobile Shredding Offers Improved Shredding

Another central benefit of mobile shredding is the security assurance it entails. No matter what regulations your place of business may need to comply with Shred With Us offers a mobile solution for shredding lock and key documents on site. Your secure documents will go from a lock disposal box straight to our mobile shredders while you oversee documents being destroyed. Furthermore, mobile shredding helps your company make better use of your time and resources. Many law offices, health, and educational facilities use their own time to oversee document destruction. Think about how much money and time is spent on storing and disposing of these documents. Those efforts could be placed in the hands of professionals.

The Shred With Us Advantage

If these advantages sound good to you, look no further than Shred With Us for the best bulk shredding, media shredding, mobile shredding, secure onsite shredding, document shredding, medical records destruction and more. If you are seeking shredding in Atlanta or shredding services in Columbia, SC, Shred With Us is your best bet.


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