Office shredding is unreliable, messy and slow. It requires an office employee to do the shredding instead of focusing on the core of the business. Small or large businesses should be responsible in handling their clients’ documented information. If these wastes need immediate disposal, companies can have official members from a mobile shredding services team handle the job for them.

Mobile Shredding Services Recommended for Document Destruction

Charlotte NC mobile shredding services are not only recommended for the disposal of paper documents, but also for the destruction of other storage devices. We destroy documents or hard drives that may contain valuable client or patient information. The requesting company will be worry-free after the shredding, which takes only a few minutes.

We send a shredding truck to the company’s location right away. The company also has the option to request for the transport of papers and other materials to the service’s facility for shredding.

The Certificate of Destruction Serves as Proof

We provide a Certificate of Destruction, which serves as concrete proof the destruction of the papers and information that were the company’s possession. Our services prevent the company from getting penalties as a result of negligent document disposal.  Our Charlotte NC mobile shredding services are certified because we take shredding seriously.

Our certifications uphold the importance of proper shredding and destruction of documents. We meet the highest standards in all the destruction processes. We ensure that all the employees of the shredding firm understand and follow the rules on the disposal of documents.

Expert Mobile Shredding Personnel

Our mobile shredding service ensures top-notch, professional personnel. They make as little contact as possible with the documents entrusted to them. With mobile shredding services, your company can be confident that there will be no identity theft or breach of confidentiality. With our mobile shredding services, you witness the initial shredding process until the destruction of all documents.

Contact Shred With Us for Reliable Mobile Shredding Services in Charlotte NC

Our reliable Charlotte NC mobile shredding services provide security containers for your company representatives to place documents in. You can then watch as we destroy the documents. Contact Shred With Us at 888-297-4733 for secure, reliable on site shredding services at your location.

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