It is easy to destroy and secure paper files. Despite how many of them you have, they are still physical items. They can always be locked away or destroyed. Security is entirely physical. However, most of our essential documents are now digital. Security for digital documents is a much more complicated process. Several copies can be instantly made and transported onto other people’s desktops. Computers can be hacked and your files can be stolen in a millisecond. How on earth can digital documents be secured in this day and age? Well, we at Shred with Us are proud to offer you a solution. Actually, we have two: electronic media/hard drive disposal service, and master vault service.

Hard Drive and Electronic Media Destruction

One great way to erase certain digital files is by having them stored onto electronic media devices. This includes, but is not limited to hard disks, magnetic tapes, compact disks, and videotapes. If you wish to dispose of any of this particular information, Shred with Us offers an electronic media/hard drive disposal service. We transport your electronic media to a secure destruction facility to handle the process. In other words, we take the big, clunky electronic media devices and destroy them for you.

Not only that, but we also make sure that you won’t have to worry about the media being transported to the destruction facility. We enable Eagle Eye technology to make sure that the transportation is secure enough. That way, you don’t have to worry about any accidents occurring on the way to the facility. Our main goal is to save you the time and worries that come with handling media shredding.

Master Vault Document Storage

Obviously, you do not want to destroy all of your electronic files. You want your information to be secured, but you would still like to have it on file. That is why we implement Master Vault. Master Vault is the Fort Knox of Digital storage. It contains several security solutions, such as record storage, active file management, document imaging, digital archiving, and record management compliance. Master Vault implements various modes of advanced technology to protect and hold your digital information. This includes a Humid state Density Controlled Center, Biometric Access Control, Comprehensive Dynamic Rotation Bar Code Indexing, and Web Surveillance (with client alert notification of course).

Take a load off

Not only do these services off unique benefits and convenience, they also offer you the one thing that you need for document management: peace of mind. Managing a business can be both a stressful and complicated experience. Why not allow us to make it a more enjoyable endeavor? For more information on our hard drive disposal service, master vault, and other management abilities, please contact us here.

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