One-time document shredding services are designed for businesses or residents that are in need of a single clean-out of their unwanted papers and documents. Whether you are looking for a simple clearing out of a storage area that is cluttered with old papers or have an entire warehouse filled with documents that needs to be shredded, this service is ideal for you. Typically, any size job can be performed during a one-time, or purge, document shredding session. Of course, if you are in need of protecting your daily business information I would recommend that you consider our Regularly-Scheduled service.

Document Shredding Benefits

Clears Up Office Space

Almost every business organization that I’ve seen over the years has that one room that is packed to the brim with outdated tax records and obsolete documents. Most companies are worried to throw this information in the trash, and end up leaving them to collect dust and take up space. Purge document shredding can clear up any office space within a matter of hours. This will allow your business to utilize office space more efficiently in hopes to boost productivity and creativity among employees.

Protects Sensitive Information

Stressing over who might get a hold of your information? Purge document shredding is the solution to grant you piece of mind about your sensitive documents and information. Shredding experts know exactly which documents to shred or preserve. This prevents you from spending hours on end searching through documents and trying to figure out if you’ll need them one day or not.

No Job is too Big or too Small

Whether it’s a just a few boxes of papers or a warehouse packed with them, all businesses should consider a one-time purge document shredding. A lot of companies feel that it’s not necessary to hire a shredding service for just a few boxes. We feel that they’re putting themselves and their business at risk. Clearing out 1 box of confidential information can be just as, if not, more efficient than clearing out 100 boxes of miscellaneous documents. Regardless of the fact, you should never feel that a job is too small or too large for a shredding company to take care of.

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