Thinking about outsourcing your shredding needs, but you can’t quite make the decision? Many wonder if working with a company like ours is truly the most cost-effective solution. This quick guide can help you make your decision.

  • Start with Equipment Costs: To properly shred any documentation, you’ll want to ensure you purchase the right equipment. This is particularly important in highly regulated industries. The best shredders tend to run into the thousands of dollars, and while they come with great features like cross cut shredding and jam free technology, service will be a must at some point.
  • Add Time Factor: Shredding isn’t always as straightforward as you might imagine. After all, the paper clips, staples, sticky notes, and file folders must be removed. You may have to pull those documents out of the binder. You may even need to separate them so you don’t feed too much into the shredder at once. Eventually you’ll need to pay someone to clean up the spilled material bits. You’ll probably have to pay someone else to empty the shredder and put the material into the dumpster or recycling bin.
  • Include Compliance Costs: In addition to the cost of the shredder and the cost to pay people to run the shredder, you’ll want to factor in what it takes to train people to remain compliant with the regulations in your industry. Many industries are highly regulated when it comes to paper disposal, so should you fall out of compliance, what will the fees and fines look like? What does the training cost look like to ensure you remain compliant at all times?

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