If you have a company that regularly deals with private and secure information, you probably already know that you need to properly dispose of those documents by shredding. Shredding documents the correct way protects any secure data and information you store away whether you are part of a law firm, medical practice, educational facility, or credit source. When it comes to shredding on a regular basis there are two choices to make: to shred on your own or hire a professional shredding service. At first it may seem more cost effective to purchase shredders and train employees to do the shredding, but in the long run hiring professionals can actually save on time and resources.

Shredding is actually not as simple as it may first seem to be. Even one paper with secure information must be sent through the shredder to comply with multiple regulations. Some employees may think what are the chances of information being stolen with just one paper and carelessly toss it out. When you choose to hire a professional company such as Shred With Us, locked disposal containers are providing and used to store documents until they are ready for shredding. Access to these documents makes it easier on employees to dispose of paper correctly.

Professional shredders are thoroughly trained and fully educated on all rules and regulations for shredding and disposal of secure documents. When you are making the decision to use the services of a professional company remember to check their credentials, ask what equipment they use, and if you can witness the shredding. Also, a credible shredding company with give you certificates of destruction validating the shredding and disposal process.

Shred With Us is a professional shredding service that offers onsite mobile shredding, offsite shredding, regularly scheduled shreds and one-time purge shreds. For more information about Shred With Us and all of our services, contact our experts for a consultation and to set up shredding with professionals you can trust.

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