Personal privacy is an important part of the relationship between a business and customer or doctor and patient. Many industries have document destruction rules that must be strictly followed to avoid fines and other actions best avoided.


If you are in the healthcare field then you have a slew of rules and regulations to worry about. Shred With Us knows HIPPA rules, including the most recent changes. This means when you choose us for document destruction; you know that you are getting exactly the services you need to stay compliant.

Determining the Rules for your Industry

While Shred With Us is experienced with compliance rules, we also realize that some businesses may have different needs than others. We can work with you to create a solution that meets the needs of your unique business or personal protocols. Just ask to speak to one of our compliance specialists and we will get started helping you.

Taking The Stress Out of Compliance

You have enough to do at your business without the stress of making sure records are shredded properly and in full compliance with your industry rules. When you go to the professionals at Shred With Us, there is nothing to keeping in compliance. You can think of us as your partner in compliance and service!


 Certification of Destruction is provided whenever required. This is often all that is needed if you ever have a compliance inquiry. We can also archive copies of certificates and can provide digital archiving of records off-site for added security with the ease of online access when you need it the most.


Shred With Us goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to organizing and creating a compliant document shredding system. If you ever have a question about compliance rules, we will answer it promptly and help you address any issues that might be caused by a new or confusing rule.

 Compliance Plans Create Better Work Environment

Not keeping records secure or disposing of documents promptly can lead to big trouble for those in the medical field and fields that deal with a lot of sensitive information. Knowing that you are compliant is going to result in less stress.

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