According to a recent study by Ponemon, a firm that studies privacy and data protection, the leading cause of data breaches in the healthcare field are criminal attacks. According to the study, employee negligence and lost or stolen devices are still primary causes of data breaches, but the leading cause is now criminal attacks, or deliberate attempts to gain unauthorized access to sensitive information.

More than ever, hackers and thieves are searching for sensitive and confidential information, such as Social Security numbers and health insurance information that can be used to steal identities or even money and funds.

This is why it extremely important for hospitals, doctor’s offices, and other healthcare institutions to practice extreme care when dealing with sensitive client and patient information. This can be done using simple practices. But according to the study done by Ponemon, 65% of healthcare organizations, and 87% of their business associates suffered electronic data breaches over the last two years, while half of all respondents to the study suffered paper-based security incidents. This study by Ponemon is eye opening and sheds a little light in to what the dangers are in the medical field concerning confidential information.

How Shred With Us can help!

Safe Document Destruction is one of the best ways to reduce or eliminate the number of data breaches occurring at healthcare providers. It is important that the information of Americans stays safe and out of the hands of those attempting to steal sensitive information to take advantage of others.

HIPAA has continued to increase their regulations and security with dealing with sensitive healthcare information. Shred With Us is able to safely and securely dispose of medical records and other documents that are dealt with in the medical field. Hospitals, private doctors, dentists, and others are in need of safe document destruction services.

Obviously not all healthcare professionals are dealing with their information correctly. Certainly there are cases where criminals are simply stealing the information they are after, but proper data security and the safe destruction of Protected Health Information (PHI) is the best way to prevent these criminals from getting the information they are after.

Health professionals in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina searching for a proper data destruction service need not search further than Shred With Us. HIPAA-certified medical document destruction is a specialty of this data destruction service company, and Shred With Us is capable and ready to handle the data destruction needs of healthcare professionals and doctors in the southeast United States.

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