Some people believe they can save a lot of money when they shred their documents in the office. This can be true depending on several factors. However, it can also be detrimental to you business. There are a number of reasons why commercial document shredding is preferred to in-house document shredding. Knowing some of these reasons can help you decide whether or not to solicit the services of a reputable document shredding company.

Wasted time

Every business knows that time is money. This means that you will want your employees to spend more time working than doing other office chores. Non-Critical business activities such as shredding may waste crucial time you employees may need to work on their projects. Hiring a shredding service can help your employees get more time to concentrate on their work.

Less professional performance

Every business has their unique area of expertise. This will include your potential outsourcing partner. Shredding may seem quite simple that people assume everyone can do it. However, this is not usually the case. Sometimes the shredding machine might fail to shred documents. Since the user may not be knowledgeable with the machines, they will assume it has done the job. Getting a professional company to shred your documents will help you avoid losing data through unshredded materials. It will also prevent human error associated with forgetting to shred documents.

Legal compliance

Apart from destroying documents, a company offering the service may be able to provide you proper disposal of other documents. Laws such as the DPA (data protection act) dictate that some documents and files need to be disposed of in a particular way. Outsourcing the services to a reputable company will ensure you are legally compliant.

ID fraud or theft

Improper disposal of data and information can also lead to things such as identity theft and identity fraud. Outsourcing to a knowledgeable partner would ensure your business’ confidential documents and data are destroyed or stored securely. These are the benefits of using a reputable commercial document shredding service. You and your clients will be assured of peace of mind when it comes to shredding and disposing of sensitive documents.

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