Documents to Keep for the Near Future

Receipts and Tax Records- for the next seven years, try to keep hold of your tax records and receipts.They may be needed in case of disputes or for your own security in having a physical material at hand in case the government lapses in their filing system.

Warranty documents- keep them for as long as you like. Then use a shredding service. There may come a time when your bought items may stop working and your only chance to get spare parts is through the store where you bought it in the first place. Having a warranty means having a chance to get it fixed as well, for free.

Bank statements – try and keep for a year because even though the bank may have a copy of your accounts, it is still good to have one yourself, despite the shredder service because you never know when these files may get hacked despite the bank’s good security firewall.

Home Improvement Documents, Sale or Home Purchase- these documents are most important even if you’ve already sold your house,  purchased a house, or made improvements. In the business of home property negotiations, records of what has come to pass is important for posterity. Legacies and inheritance issues may require these documents and should be filed so that there will be no questions left in the future in terms of who owns the house. Also, records of what should be known about when improvements have been done to the house are important because it answers when next improvements should be done if they are done under a package deal or not.

Medical Billing and Records- Disputes may arise but if you have a physical record on hand you can immediately settle these problems and peacefully go on with other matters at hand regarding health issues. Don’t use a secure shredding service just yet.

Social Security Records, Insurance Statements – In case of mix ups due to data input in terms of Security issues and Insurance it is always good to have records on hand.

For Keeps

Birth and Marriage Certificates- Keep physical copies of birth and marriage certificates due to the need for one in submitting requirements to various institutions, travel and the like. To keep asking for new issues of these copies are cumbersome therefore don’t use the shredder system just yet.

Business License, Death Certificates, Wills- may be digitized but a formal physical copy is a must for posterity. It makes sense to keep them and look after them. Put them on file and make sure no one gets hold of them against you.

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