Shredding your documents is a good way to ensure no one can access the information in them and is usually practiced by companies both large and small. This is because they need to keep their information confidential. Shredding is the most secure method of ensuring information does not get into the wrong hands.

So how can we be sure that our confidential papers are actually destroyed in a secure and, if necessary, compliant way?  Hiring a company that handles secure shredding is the only way to dispose of documents securely. So what happens to your documents after you hand them over to a secure shredding facility?

 Secure Shredding

Once your confidential documents are in the possession of a document shredding service provider, they will be transferred to a secure shredding facility or they’ll be shredded on site if that’s what you prefer. Once all documents have been destroyed, they get recycled, regardless of the amount. Shred With Us will always present our customers with a certificate of destruction – providing proof that their documents were shredded appropriately.

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