Sensitive information in the wrong hands can cause a lot of trouble. Here are some of the things you can do to make sure that sensitive business, personal, and client information stays where it should.

Cut The Clutter

Having a lot of documents and records in files where anyone that walks by can access them is just not a good idea. While you may be required to keep a copy of some records for a set number of years, this doesn’t mean you have to keep a paper copy. A digital scan can be backed up electronically and filed into any cloud-based office system application.

If you do have some documents that need to be archived in paper form, then you should still make sure to go through other records and have the ones that are too old to be of any use shredded. There is no point in having a lot of clutter that decreases the security of sensitive information.

Shred With Us Bins

Having a secure place to put documents that need to be destroyed is going to be a major help when it comes to protecting sensitive information. Our bins range in size to accommodate a variety of needs. When full, you can drop them off, or we can pick them up. Once documents are in the bin, the only people that will ever be able to see them is our staff when they shred them. No more stacks of documents sitting out that anyone can look at.

Dispose of Electronic Hard Drives the Right Way

Over the years, you are probably going to have computers and hard drives that you no longer use or that malfunction and need to be replaced. A lot of people do not realize the sheer amount of information that can be gleaned from an old computer or hard drive that falls into the wrong hands. Shred With Us can take care of your electronic recycling and hard drive destruction needs.

 The Ultimate Security Plan

At Shred With Us, we are here to help you simplify the processes necessary to maintain the confidence and trust of your employees and clients. If you are overwhelmed with how out of hand your record keeping has gotten and how much paper you have cluttering up your office, then give us a call today, and we will come up with a plan that you can live with.

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