Whether you want to put an information security service through the paces before you enter into a long-term engagement or you simply have sporadic data disposal needs, short-term solutions delivers a wide range of benefits. Shred With Us offers three convenient programs designed just for your needs.

  • One-Time Service. This is idea for purging documents, such as old tax returns, outdated employee files, customer information, and more. When obsolete, these records become a liability – taking up space and opening your organization up to risk. A one-time purge allows you to remove this liability safely, securely, and in complete compliance with privacy laws. Rest assured that we maintain a secure chain-of-custody for all of your documents and provide a Certificate of Destruction. This is one worry you can purge from your list.
  • Drive-Up Drop-Off. If your shredding needs are sporadic, you can opt for our convenient drop-off solution. Simply make an appointment with us and then come to our secure shredding location (give us a call to see if this option is available in your area). We offer discounted pricing for this service, and it is ideal for small batches of documents.
  • Mobile Shredding. You may need to witness document disposal or to destroy records immediately, mobile shredding is an easy, timely option. We use the same state of the art techniques as when your documents are destroyed in our secure facility. You place the documents in a locked container. Our trained, and vetted, technicians remove them and brings them to the document destruction truck, which will come to your location. The documents are then destroyed on-site, and your key staff can watch.

These options enable you to remove the liability of sensitive documents, safely. As well, you can choose ongoing solutions to ensure that you maintain optimal information privacy and security.

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