Disposing of old electronics is quickly becoming an environmental and secure data crisis. With ever improving technology more and more electronics are being incorrectly disposed of in dumpsters and landfills. Besides potential health risks from components in these out of date pieces of information there is also the potential for sensitive and secure information to be placed in the wrong hands. It is not enough anymore to just clear all information off of your hard drive. According to the NAID, (National Association for Information Destruction), around 30% of all disposed hard drives still contain personal information easily removed and stolen. It is vital to go the extra step and have a hard drive professionally shredded to extract any remaining traces of secure data. Other researchers believe the percentage is much higher up over 60%.

Shredding a hard drive or other technology that may contain secure information involves a process that destructs the technology to thoroughly that it is not possible to obtain any information from them. Shred With Us offers this secure service as well as the capabilities to remove secure data old VHS/cassette tapes, zip drives, floppy disks, and other types of electronic media. Our shredding services are state of the art and are guaranteed to keep secure data from being stolen off of your old discarded electronics.

Shred With Us services also include pick up and secure transportation of any hard drives and other electronics that require shredding. While it may seem unlikely that identity theft really occurs that often with old electronics that have been thrown away it is actually a crime that happens at an alarming rate. Don’t risk your own or your clients privacy by incorrectly disposing of electronics. Contact the professionals at Shred With Us today to get started protecting your secure information with hard drive and electronics shredding.

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