In the past year there have been multiple data breaches involving retail stores including retail giant Target. Don’t lose customer trust by allowing their personal financial information get into the hand of identity thieves. Taking extra precautions to discard of sensitive paper as well as hard drives containing private information are two of the strongest steps a retail company can take to protect themselves and their customers. Complying with FACTA regulations should be the number one priority when considering what to do to protect the secure data you have on file. Fortunately, you can turn to Shred With Us to get your secure documents and shred them.

What is FACTA?

FACTA stands for Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act and was put in place in 2003. The purpose of this act is protect consumers from having their personal information transferred, sold, or stolen. Not complying with FACTA can cost upwards of $2500 in fines for just one record not disposed of correctly. Consider how many personal records you dispose of daily. Contracting with a professional service like Shred With Us can protect you from disposing of these sensitive documents incorrectly and save you thousands of dollars.

How can Shred With Us Help?

Shred With Us is a professional document shredding service. We specialize in shredding paper documents with secure data. Shred With Us knows all of the regulations needed to be sure the documents being disposed of are shredding in complete compliance with FACTA. Employing our services on a regular basis means that you don’t have to worry about studying up on each aspect of FACTA to guarantee proper disposal. We take care of all of that for you leaving your time and efforts spent on running a successful retail company.

For more information about regular pick-ups and our other services that include hard drive shredding contact Shred With Us.

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