There are many physical benefits to utilizing our secure shredding service. From onsite shredding to drive up shredding, each of our services grant you two universal benefits: time and energy. No matter what, when you choose us as your shredding paper company (or Master vault as your document storage company) you will find a whole new world of convenience for your life. Here are just a few ways that Shred with us will be able to grant you some much deserved time and energy in regards to managing papers.

Convenient Shredding Access

When you need specific times and places to shred documents, Shred With Us has got you covered. If you require documents to be shredded on the spot, then our onsite secure shredding service comes to you. You can watch the specific documents get destroy with your very own eyes. Therefore there is no need to worry about if anything goes missing or not. However, if you require your papers to be destroyed away from your current location (i.e. you don’t want activities to be disrupted by the shredding process), then our shredding paper company provides offsite shredding. We can pick up your documents in large amounts for few trips, or in smaller amounts for routine trips. We also provide drop off shredding and even electronic hard drive destruction as well. With all of these options, the one thing that is for sure is that you won’t have to worry about the hassle of shredding documents and maintaining the chaos of disposing them one by one. We can save you the time and resources to do so.

Document Storage

Not only do we alleviate your struggle to dispose of documents, we can also help you with managing the documents you wish to keep. We as a shredding paper company also partner with Master Vault, a document storage company. With Master Vault, you can maintain your needed documents, paper or digital, at an offsite location that you can reach anytime you need it. This extremely dependable document storage company allows for document imaging, record storage, management software, and management compliance.


For more information on any secure shredding service and document storage options, be sure to contact Shred With Us today.

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