As the world becomes more and more complicated, it is harder for businesses to maintain security with their growing documents. We do not have to remind you how staying organized is an essential business habit. What we would like to tell you is how you can maintain organization in an easier manner. We at Shred with Us employ various means of security shredding services in order to make sure that your privacy is protected. Here are a few ways in which we do this.


Document Destruction

One of the easiest ways to make sure that your documents do not get stolen is by destroying them. We may realize this, but destroying documents can take up a lot of precious time. It is both difficult and time-consuming to properly dispose of all of our unwanted documents. But with Shred with Us, you never even have to worry about that. Our professional shredding services are done with optimum security. Each document is destroyed using our safe and fast shredding devices. This applies to our onsite, offsite, and compliant document destruction services. We also include electronic media destruction. This handles the digital media that you wish to be disposed of. We certainly cannot stress enough how important this means of disposal is for modern business.


Document storage

Now, that is all fine and dandy, but what about when we do not want to get rid of our entire list of private documents? What if we just want them safe and secured for later? In order to provide for this security need, Shred with Us offers Master Vault document storage. Master Vault is an offsite document storage company that protects important files for businesses. Whether it is physical or digital, Master Vault is secure enough for government, legislation, and/or common business documents.


Compliant policies

Some of the most pervasive problems that come with professional document destruction are rules and regulations. It is easy to just destroy whatever papers you want when they have no legal responsibilities. But you cannot destroy documents that have financial and legal regulations attached to them. Whenever you need to dispose of important business documents, we will be able to make sure that they are handled legally and in a proper fashion. Shred with Us is aware of all Federal rules and regulations for security shredding services. We destroy documents in compliance with all of the necessary laws. These include but are not limited to, FERPA, RCRA, GLB, FACTA, and the Privacy Act of 1974. We also provide you with a certificate of destruction once the job is done.


This article is merely a general overview of how we maintain your private business security. There are many more benefits that come with our shredding services. For more information on our security shredding services, please feel free to contact us here.

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