Identity Theft is a real and serious issue in the United States and around the world. There are many factors that play into it being a problem, one of the major ones is misplacement of important documents and identification such as bank statements, credit card statements, and utility bills. When documents of this nature fall into the wrong hands it means your information is in the wrong hands. The best way to prevent identity theft or credit card fraud is to properly dispose of documents that disclose personal information or sensitive account numbers, and the best way to do THAT is to make sure your documents are shredded properly and carefully. Businesses in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, as well as the rest of the United States and even the world are going to want to be as careful as possible with their sensitive documents that contain confidential information.

Potential Consequences of Identity Theft or Credit Card Fraud

According to Forbes, 1 in 20 Americans have fallen victim to identity theft. That is a staggering number that just goes to show how vulnerable information can be if isn’t guarded with care. It is easy to assume that ripping up a voided check will make it unreadable to potential thieves. Shortcuts like this are what give identity thieves an opportunity. Document shredding and data destruction is the best way to ensure that those loopholes are closed up and that the

Dispose of Documents and Data Properly

This goes for the documents of your business as well as your personal documents. When shredding papers that contain information of clients or other businesses it is critical that your business disposes of paper properly and treats it with care and attention. Documents that need to be shredded also include medical bills, tax returns, and insurance policy information. Basically anything that discloses your personal information such as a birthday, address, and especially your social security number.

Choose a Data Shredding Service Wisely

There are many shred companies and on site shredding companies that offer services of being able to dispose of your documents and data for you. When selecting a shredding company or service, make sure that the local shredding company you choose offers you the option of watching your documents be shredded. This level of transparency is the best way to ensure the information you are dealing with stays safe and is dealt with properly.

What’s the Solution?

ShredWithUs is a local shredding company, dealing with the Southeast portion of the United States, and specifically in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. We offer on site and off site shredding services and data destruction, and allow the client to view every step of the process as we go about safely and securely disposing of your paper or documents. If your business needs shredding services soon don’t hesitate to call us at 888-297-4733

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