The office is a busy place and hundreds of files are shared every day in each office space through internet and paper files. Can you be sure that every file sent during business hours are carefully shared without any threat to privacy? It’s a difficult position to be in when running a company and trying to decide the best way to protect secure data as it passes through channels in the office. Highly sensitive documents require special care to ensure they are not being shared, stored or disposed of inappropriately. As it happens there are many federal requirements when it comes to the destruction of secure data so how can you be sure that your office isn’t at risk?

  • Create a storage and destruction committee whose primary task is to make sure other employees are following the correct protocol for secure documents.
  • Enforce a storage and disposal system for any paper documents that contain private information about clientele and employees. Your work force must also be protected from identity theft and other security breaches.
  • Invest in secure software that will protect any electronic files containing private information that could at risk from hackers.
  • Hire a shredding company that can provide a Certificate of Destruction for all destroyed documents. The same shredding company should be able to shred old electronics like hard drives that could be contain private information even after wiping them clean.

As far as professional shredding companies Shred With Us provides expert and quality shredding services of all kinds sure to meet any of your needs. From locked storage units to onsite shredding Shred With Us is fully certified and compliant with all federal regulations such as though under HIPAA, FERPA, and FACTA. Don’t try to shred documents yourself and put your office at risk. Call Shred With Us to learn more about how our services can keep your office safe.

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