It doesn’t take much personal information today to easily obtain enough data for identity theft. Identify theft can be an expensive and emotionally draining problem to fight and costs an individual thousands of dollars in irreparable damage to finances and credit. Just a few scraps of information such as a name, address, or identification number can unlock loads of private and secure data helping thieves use your secure information to steal credit and wreak havoc with your identity. This is why any company with access to personal and secure data must follow strict laws and regulations protecting the privacy of themselves, their employees, and their clients.

If you don’t think that your company falls under these regulations for protecting secure information you are wrong. An unwillingness to accept the fact that you aren’t big enough or don’t store the right kind of information is no excuse not to make sure you don’t fall under some of these laws and regulations. In fact, any company or organization that has names, financial information, or personal identification numbers has specific regulations they must follow when disposing of documents that contain any of this information. It only takes one breach of data for customers and clients to lose confidence in your business.

The good news is that there is a guaranteed way to securely dispose of private documents and documents that contain personal information. Shredding is a fully compliant and successful way to discard of employee and client information without the risk of theft. Professional shredding companies use shredding machines that destroy documents in such a way that they cannot be pieced back together by people or even by new software. With identity theft and data breaches on the rise it obviously pays to go with a professional shredding service. Shred With Us is a professional company with years of experience shredding and disposing of secure information with techniques that are fully compliant with all laws and regulations. Protect your clients and keep their trust by contracting with Shred With Us.

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