Most agencies utilize online records and documentation. In fields like healthcare, online records are necessary for providers to qualify for payment from government programs. With the use of these online records, though, comes the added responsibility to keep computer systems safe and free from data breaches and online compromise from hackers. Your agency has probably taken multiple safety precautions to safeguard and secure your records and network. So, what happens when you dispose of these old hard drives after an upgrade? Have you taken all of the steps necessary to get that information off each old device? If you’re like many companies, the chances are good that you haven’t completely eliminated that data.

Eliminating information from a hard drive is not as simple as just erasing the data or factory resetting the system. A simple wiping of your system is not enough to completely destroy any data that was stored there at one time. According to the NAID (National Association for Information Destruction), almost 40% of hard drives that were used and resold still contained personal and private data. The only sure way to make sure your online records are still safe is to shred old hard drives. Hard drive and electronics shredding can be done by a professional shredding service that is NAID certified.

Shredding a hard drive involves completely destroying all of the electronics pieces within the hard drive. The pieces are shredded into tiny pieces after components that could potentially harm the environment have been removed. These components are destroyed in an environmentally safe procedure. Hard drive shredding is the only 100% guaranteed way to completely destroy your old hard drive and other electronics. Keep all of your online records safe from theft by utilizing the professional, safe, and NAID certified destroyed by employing the services of Shred With Us. Keep your data safe by calling Shred With Us today.

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