At Shred With Us, we’re happy to provide you with a multitude of different shredding services.  We aim to be everything that a local mobile shredding company should be, and we think that there are a few key qualities we have that not only separate us from our competition, but are necessary elements for any shredding company to have.


Your information is sensitive.  You don’t just shred anything, which means that what you do wish to be shredded should be taken care of…and fast.  Our reliability means that you always know when we’re coming to you, and you know that we’ll be coming when we say we are.  This means that you never have to worry about when you’ll be able to get your shredding done.  We stay consistent in a world where it seems as though no one has time for each other anymore.  We always have time for you.


This is bar none the most important quality for your local mobile shredding company to have.  The entire reason that you’re shredding your documents in the first place is that you don’t feel as though keeping them is a secure decision, so what would it say if the people who you so entrusted to keep your information secure couldn’t even do that?  We commit to being completely transparent with our customers, so that you know just how secure our methods are.  Protecting your information is our number one priority.


There’s nothing worse than going into business with someone who clearly doesn’t have time to work with you.  In choosing us as your shredding company, we’re entering into business with one another, and we try to be the best business partners that we can possibly be.  We have time for you as our client to be there for you when you need us most, as your continued business is our #1 priority.  We’re not only here to shred with you, but to hear your concerns, have you voice your opinions, and listen to your feedback as to what we could be doing to be a better business partner for you.

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