One thing that people need to consider before choosing a document storage company is how trustworthy they are to begin with. How dependable are they, and how do I make sure? Shred With Us understands the necessity of storage reliability. After all, our document destruction facility is based around making certain that no document goes loose. That is why we offer Master-Vault Document Storage, which is one of the most reliable and customer friendly record storage facilities in South Carolina. And the reason they are the ideal protectors of your information is through their state-of-the-art security measures.


Biometric Access Control

Information storage should never be a casual industry, since there are plenty of hackers and thieves looking for any personal information to exploit for their own purposes. So Master Vault has prevented any possibility of theft vanish through their extensive security techniques. One of which is their Biometric Access Control. This is the handprint reader that we often see in Spy movies. Biometric Access control is a security device that requires a specific person’s hand (or other authorized body part) to be scanned in order to enter through. It is a very effective system, but is not the only one.


Automated Robotic Laser Security

Another one of Master-Vault’s trusted security systems is their Automated Robotic Laser Security. This one is very much like the trip lasers seen in movies, except being a little more complicated. This one is controlled by a vigilant robotic system that uses a laser beam and sensor to spot any breach in security. How and where it operates is confidential for obvious reasons.


Web Surveillance

With so much data being stored digitally these days, we take extreme caution in making sure that your files are kept safe in cyberspace. That is why we carry a high-end Web Surveillance system. This digital watch-tower keeps an eye on any activity within the database. If anything attempts to breach our database, this system will immediately catch it and alert the proper control. It also comes with client alert notifications, so that you can be kept in the loop on any needed security details.


A Reliable Document Storage Company

For a world that thrives off of information, you can trust Master Vault as the right document storage company to keep your data safe. With our in depth precautions and tested technology, you can sleep easier now knowing that your information is in secure hands.


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